Abandoned Supercars in Dubai!

Abandoned Supercars in Dubai!


I heard about a scrap yard in Dubai where abandoned or crashed supercars are to be found – take a look at this!Special thanks to:Rohan – Copart Middle East – Follow me on:

what’s up guys a blondie here in a supercar scrapyard in Dubai and we’ve got a Ferrari just being delivered right now and this is going to be its new home for a little while so let’s check it out a lot of people talk about abandoned supercars in Dubai we are where those abandoned supercars and the damaged supercars go to rest California tea just sitting here this is where damaged super cars or cars that have been confiscated by the police or abandoned super cars comes and that’s what we’re gonna take a look at today just find the nicest supercars that have ended up in a scrap yard a junkyard in Dubai the cool thing is you can actually buy them all of these go on auctions online and you can put in a bid and get a bargain California tea I’ve had a look at the second-hand market here in Dubai the cheapest California tea you can buy at the moment is around $100,000 it’s a 2015 model with about 22,000 kilometers on the clock this one here Rohan this is real Honda’s so the starting bid of this one will be like $30,000 so you’ve actually looked at a lot of the options and you’ve seen how much lower they sell for so starting bid about 30 what are you reckon it would actually end off that if you’re lucky enough you could get it for like 40 if you’re lucky a California team for $40,000 from the outside it actually looks there’s like nothing wrong with this one this one is here probably because someone couldn’t pay a debt maybe it was seized by the bank there are other cars over the years that have literally just been abandoned by owners on the side of the road because they couldn’t pay their debts and they had to leave the country straightaway so you’ve got cars like this here and then this rolls-royce right and look at these oh my god just breaks your part doesn’t it look at this damage on this Oh imagine being in an accident like this oh my god drive safe guys this is this is the result it’s gonna fall apart I feel like the whole thing’s gonna collapse I think spare part companies will use the C oh my god the door look at this the door can still open that’s alright that’s pretty impressive yeah look at the seats like you’ve got this beautiful leather here the perforated leather and that is for air conditioning through the seats this is the same spec that’s my rolls-royce wow that actually sends at home a little bit like this could this could you know happen that’s really scary secondhand market rolls-royce Wraith I’ve been looking at the cheapest one you can get it is currently a 2014 model with 50,000 kilometers on the clock and it goes for about 125 thousand dollars of the cheapest Wraith you can get at the moment this one goes for $2 not just accidents pimped-out it’s a quick way of getting a lowered lowered our chassis ok so here’s another race nice Spirit of Ecstasy and see that here I want to put pops out of that it’s probably oh it’s nice what Wow do the smell test yeah it smells good look at these plush carpets and stuff wow this is a beautiful spec however I do have some insider knowledge on this one apparently it’s got some flood damage I’m not sure how much money you’d have to spend to fix that kind of damage but from the outside it looks pretty clean and the inside is beautiful but yeah it’s obviously got some issues you take this off good drive or you just have it sitting in you can I have an extra parking space it’s a sick III oh no rolls-royce oh yeah where is downstairs okay I don’t want to run up the kilometers you know it’s you know just keep it low mileage yeah yeah alright this wow this is I’ve never seen anything like this before so the Huracan Lamborghini Huracan I used to have one of these babies her name is Lucy imagine if she was in this condition this is shocking alright this one really I think people have given up on this because this is been here for a couple of years now as well and truly just mold it into the ground that it sits on look at this clearly hasn’t moved in so long with the barge is gone look at this hang limp on the side of the Gulf all right let’s see what it looks like inside if it’s just as bad as the outside door works My gods tragedy when the baby legs gone and can’t go on its it’s not even off at this point Wow do you think Chris fix it could fix it God knows it’s like it’s been rained on how is this even possible how do you get a car that’s dirty look at all of these like watermarks everywhere look it’s just like streaming down here oh that’s why yeah this has been open for a while so the rain just comes straight in the front badge is like nothing to do with this car we’re just gonna take the badge away no longer a Mercedes it’s not too bad is it look the airbags are out obvious which means absolutely yeah so these are the side airbags this one doesn’t look like it came out that’s interesting this one here this is beautiful Alcantara yeah and other than that it’s in pretty good condition it’s just very dusty look what’s in here is there anything that glove folks maybe we’re gonna find cash cash Oh a hair clip bonus guys I found a free hair clip sweet I found a hair clip Oh Swarovski business card it’s not actually Swarovski’s certificate of authenticity let’s find the actual Swarovski now common Shoji get in there all here on the side never seen that before what’s actually hiding here behind these panels in the booth Wow needs a bit of a clean she be right let’s move on we’ve got a couple of G’s down here another Ferrari California T sitting here the interior is pretty good you guys it’s actually not bad condition I wonder what’s wrong with this one serious damage so see what’s inside you just never know what you’re gonna get oh yeah so bad but look it’s just like watermarks all here on the steering wheel there’s a bit damage on here but it’s not bad all in all something fishy about this one and most of it look that windows missing other than that you get to go through this one not oh gee oh man look at this Wow look at this carbon fiber this is too nice wow wow wow it’s brand new it’s a new g-wagen look it’s got the big screen here in the front one glass panel that goes all the way across oh my god that’s crazy look how good condition this is not somewhere you would expect to find a brand new g-wagon in this kind of condition here in a scrapyard look how tentative is literally that is like a hundred percent tinting I can’t see anything and then look at the front here the same how you ready to see out of this cars we’ve got a 612 Scaglietti here and actually it’s in good condition I’ve not seen anything really on this one again how much can you buy this car for on the second-hand market the cheapest one I can find at the moment is their 2006 model with almost 70,000 K on the clock and you can get it for just over $60,000 this is great condition that’s why oh there’s gum oh how fun there might be like a dead spider or something what you’re kidding me – cash in an abandoned supercar this is about this 500 terms so what 150 bucks 150 bucks great we can go home actually we could buy which car do we want to buy we could buy that Lexus over there maybe that’s crazy guys all right we planted it fine didn’t really happen Escalade come to here to die take its final resting place actually who knows someone might buy that Mercedes literally just got dropped off that second looks fine from the other side hello that’s why it’s here Wow okay make sure before you buy the car to look at it from all the angles from the phone I was like yo what’s wrong okay let’s see how much that one sells for oh look at that RIM damage I mean that takes some kind of impact Wow Wow this is a new style g-wagen this looks like it’s rolled all the airbags out on the side you’ve got look at this just a waist like these screens I mean this is my suppose not a waist right people can reuse that’s why you’d buy something like this but look at this world music look look at this side it’s just like the Leaning Tower of Pisa oh it’s an empty Gucci perfume group guilty that’s it guys I’ve never seen anything like this I hope you enjoyed the video give us a quick thumbs up smash that thumbs up button and subscribe to the supercar Bondi family love you guys so much alright which one should I get

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