Abarth is preparing its first crossover

Abarth is preparing its first crossover


The novelty under the Abarth brand will be sold in the South American market.

Under the Abarth brand, Fiat produces “charged” modifications of its cars, but now only variations of the small three-door Fiat 500 remain in the lineup. The performance cars Abarth 595 and Abarth 695 are sold mainly in the European market. Interestingly, the Abarth division has not yet released its version of the Fiat 500X SUV. But a crossover in the range of the Abarth brand will still appear: but not in Europe, but in Brazil.

According to local newspaper QuatroRodas, the first Abarth crossover will be based on the recently unveiled Fiat Pulse model shown in the images. It is a compact five-door with a length of only 4.1 meters, which has a raised seating position and is exclusively front-wheel drive. According to preliminary data, the “charged” version of the Abarth Pulse will get a 1.3 turbo unit with a capacity of 185 hp, as well as a reinforced suspension, upgraded brakes and an aggressive body kit.

The premiere of the first crossover from the Abarth brand is expected at the end of next year, although it will not go on sale until 2023. But, like the base model Fiat Pulse, this crossover will only be offered in South America.

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