ABB has introduced its own electric truck with a power reserve of 500 km

ABB has introduced its own electric truck with a power reserve of 500 km

ABB has introduced in Bern its first electric truck. The presentation took place in the framework of the company’s strategy to transition to a car on electric by 2022.

A new model was developed in conjunction with truck manufacturer E-Force One. ABB and E-Force One are partnering to create ten electric trucks.

The electric truck technology-based ABB, which consists of electric motor, inverter, traction and auxiliary and battery systems. This powerplant in electrogrooving ABB will E-Force One.

ABB electric trucks can be charged from a high-speed charging units ABB Terra 54. According to the developers, the maximum cruising range of the electric truck reaches 500 km (with battery maximum capacity).

In this case, E-Force One works with the concept of individual modification of each electric truck in accordance with the distance which it has to pass a charging technology that it uses, and the type of route that he chooses. In the case of ABB, the largest distance is scheduled for delivery within Switzerland is 235 km, which is within 300 km.

ABB will deliver the first two trucks at its plant in Turgi, in the North of Switzerland. After several months of trials, ABB fleet, consisting of eleven diesel vehicles will be replaced by a batch of electric trucks over the next three years.

“The new power plant for trucks is an important element of the technology of e-mobility for heavy vehicles. It shows our progress in developing technologies that are more energy efficient with lower emissions. We will also use the electric truck in our daily activities,” — said the President of the Motion division of ABB Morten Wierd.

The ABB electric truck has already passed the first test. The first mission was to deliver a race car of Formula E ABB ‘Gen2’ to race in Formula E this weekend in Bern.

For ABB is launching a fleet of ten electric vehicles plying on regular routes 2022.