Access Denied – The Supercar I Couldn’t Drive!

Access Denied – The Supercar I Couldn’t Drive!


I’m in Tokyo visiting the Japanese car coach manufacturer Mitsuoka Motors and their fashion supercar the Orochi!Thanks to Sony Middle East for their new RX100 Camera!Special thanks to:Hiroki – @hirokingraphyMitsuoka Motor – @mitsuokamotorCamera Sony RX100Follow me on:Music by:Lucid Flow – Elevated MindLove Japan – Otis McDonald

Archy or how’s Google Translate working happy yeah s’ceris oh cool we are literally using Google Translate to understand exactly what is happening here because there’s been a little bit of miscommunication we thought that we’d be able to take the car out and drive but it’s sold or something about the license plate that I have the right registration negotiating room bro photographer here your cute son your photos are amazing we found him on Instagram like but we need to work with this guy so we’ve all met up here at Mitsuoka and yeah we’re just trying to work out what we can do with this car because obviously we can’t take an epic photo with the car in the showroom we need to try and take it out somewhere but this has been like a negotiation now for about half an hour what we can do with the car and it’s sort of sitting in the showroom right so it’s written in Google Translate can you explain what is happening in Japanese okay now yeah grandi santo and so kind of all the way through Japanese Nick knows basically it’s like the window of society is open and then that means your zipper is undone that’s why he said it just joking and that seems to work here as a joke yeah made our way to MIT’s Walker it’s a Japanese yo car company and they’ve actually made a supercar and at this point it is a little bit Shady let’s be completely honest here I am NOT going to hit you with a hundred percent accurate facts during this vlog it’s just not going to happen because of the language barrier so this is what I know kind of they are a Japanese auto manufacturer kind of body work place this one here they don’t actually make their own engine for this car but this is the one that we’ve come to see the old chief George oh Jesus Auto Chi and it’s a supercar but they haven’t got their own engine in it they’ve actually got a Toyota engine what they’re aiming for with this car is to create a fashion supercar so they are dead honest about this it is just meant to look good it has a three point three litre Toyota engine it’s a v6 and they’ve just worked on the outside body to make it look super fat no mother orange I don’t work it’s an eight headed dragon that’s what they’ve modeled it across and eight tails I think it has so let’s find the eight heads where are the and then the mouth oh look at that that’s quite cool it’s kind of smiling this one yen so what’s at eighty nine thousand dollars around about eighty thousand dollars yeah so this is model year 2008 so this is the first one they came out with they actually came out with it as a concept car first in 2001 and then they kept working on that concept car until they actually put it into production in 2006 just start with an O seven model and this one is an actual actually in Oh 8 model ok does the dragon have eight tails one two one tail really um the spec car perfect all in Japanese huh maybe it’s this one 5,600 north-south shorts all wanna to show not all yeah this one so this is the concept see that they came out with verse 2005 and then this is the actual one that went into production in 2007 and then 2014 they had their final model final model and then 2015 no more 2014 110 okay oh I thought it was much higher than that okay so out of all of the models that they created over those seven years they only created 110 for sale so okay I think okay okay I thought I was gonna be in the passenger seat but I’m not allowed this is like the most access I’ve ever been denied denied denied so this is like it looks easy what we do honestly like I just go around the world and I get to drive all these carts but actually in the background there is a lot of work involved actually getting the keys to these cars and taking them out and this is like probably the first time in a long time that I haven’t been handed the keys so I feel very despondent I can’t even get in the car this is a new new feeling for me and I think we’re gonna finish the vlog right here please what he’s doing and I said I thought it was all over just going to pass him to see him and see what happens my little vlogging camera it’s really subtle where is it this one so I’ve got to write so this one I carry around everywhere because it just fits in my bag I’m in my pocket this one’s new I just got it rx100 mark six and this is actually what I started out on so highly highly recommend this vlogging camera if you are just starting out vlogging or you want to become a vlogger this is how I started and I still have one with me today I’ll just show you a couple of things basically it’s super light right and the cool thing is is that you can flip this around this screen and this is how you know Europe can we know the Sun I can’t see anything over here on this is how you know that you’re filming you’ve got what you want in the in the frame you can actually see it all up here on this camera so you can just do selfie style just like what and then you flip this camera around and this is the newer feature with the newer model right you can flip this all the way down out and down so if you’re filming something really up higher you can still see that you’ve got the car in focus that’s cool isn’t it and this one they’ve got an awesome zoom feature as well they’ve updated the zoom what should i zoom into come over here zoom into this Jane factory over there yeah so I’m gonna whip this one out in the passenger seat if he doesn’t tell me to get out it’s good idea I just had it in my pocket for now all right just sneak in the corner okay only one okay you need together we try he will not get in the car unless you get out maybe this is like a Japanese thing like you know a man in a woman maybe I don’t know I don’t know we’re gonna respect their wishes yes yes okay we’re gonna watch the car drive it’s a first now I know what it feels to be like you you need to run alongside behind the car yeah yeah I’m always a runner man so we’re gonna do this yeah you know what it’s like yeah welcome to my world here comes the eight headed dragon is staring out of the showroom run what’s happening you know we’re trying to take it out for a nice picture right we’ve got the most amazing photographer in Tokyo with us and we’ve now had the car taken out of the showroom and into an even uglier location okay which is the parking lot with a thousand other cars which is not great so we’re trying to convince him to park it down by this house because it has a beautiful Japanese tree and those two off talking together and we’ve got our fingers crossed whoo these rims they like to paint vents yeah a lot but I saw a couple like Morgan looking cars yeah in there that’s cool what else can we find okay we’re just gonna have to film here because apparently we need all kinds of permissions to film somewhere else so I just wanted to point out these eyes girl also like drawing a nice that line in the middle actually only this part comes down so just line this down and then wind down the window it’s just the baby window Strutter coronary station by Panasonic thank you so only these part ones down they say they’ve done that just for design purpose okay underdog as I must look it doesn’t sound like a supercar when you turn it on it doesn’t have that kind of growl it doesn’t have the kind of engine capacity that you would normally associate with a supercar they have literally just built this so it looks pretty damn cool it’s not like the loudest car around let’s just put it that way all right so it is yes I think it unnie I was like just over 200 horsepower oh there’s Google Translate happening over here ah you can drive forward and moving in the parking light the longer we stay the more we’re allowed to do I think you should just stay here for a few days – silent town but the silent dragon yes the silent dragon he’ll come get you when you’re least expecting it that’s it that’s our experience with the Mitsuoka Archie origin origin you know you don’t meant to pronounce the last bit or a true and yeah and I hope you enjoyed we got somewhere in the end give us a quick thumbs up please hit that thumbs up button right now subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already we’ve got so much more cost up I’ve got so much more cool stuff coming we’ll see you on the next one love ya

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