Accident of the Year (video)

Accident of the Year (video)


In the USA, a very tough accident got into the video recorder recording. By its nature, this incident resembles a production from a Hollywood movie, but, as sad as it may be, it happened in the very reality.

So, as you can see in the footage, the accident happened on a suburban highway. The car of the author of the video turns to the right, and suddenly, out of nowhere, to the left – from behind an earthen embankment, above which there is another road – a car appears in the air and falls right in front of the “operator’s” vehicle.

It is not clear what caused the accident and how it happened in general. But, surprisingly, the driver of the injured car survived, despite the fact that his car was rushing at full steam, took off several meters, and then landed hard, hitting the front and turning over several times.

The driver and the passenger of the car, whose video recorder recorded the accident, were clearly shocked by what they saw. They immediately called an ambulance and rescuers to the scene of the incident.

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