Accident: Tesla soared from the blow

Accident: Tesla soared from the blow


A situation occurred on American roads in a few days. The driver behind the wheel of his new Tesla Model X was just standing at the traffic lights and waited for the right signal to move on. Suddenly, at great speed it entered the other car, from what Tesla is literally the second was in flight.

In the video you can see that Nissan was moving through the area which divides the parallel streams of cars. At this time, the Subaru Outback was in front of him, causing the driver of the white sedan had to trulite and in the end there was a blow on a Tesla.


The culprit escaped, despite the fact that his car was badly damaged upon impact, especially on the face. The man has some cuts on head and bruises. The woman sitting behind the wheel of a Tesla, too, was not injured, but decided to wait for the arrival of doctors.

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