Account open: the first Volkswagen ID.3 burned after charging (Video)

Account open: the first Volkswagen ID.3 burned after charging (Video)


In the Dutch city of Groningen, an incident occurred with a new electric car Volkswagen ID.3 – it burned out in a parking lot immediately after recharging. The owner of the car pulled the plug out of the socket and noticed thick smoke. Before the flames engulfed the car, the woman and the child managed to run away to a safe distance, so that no one was injured. ID.3 burned to the ground and, according to footage released by local media, the fire damaged a Nissan Leaf parked behind the German hatchback.

Volkswagen reacted to the situation and promised to conduct its own investigation. The automaker intends to study what is left of the electric car in order to establish the cause of the incident. This is the first known accident with an electric car of a German brand: information about other cases of fires ID.3 or ID.4, if any, did not get into the media.

According to one of the versions, the fire could arise due to overheating of the battery. This assumption is often heard after similar cases with Tesla electric cars, the last of which occurred in early August. A Model S 85, released in 2013, caught fire at night in a garage in San Ramon, California. The fire grew rapidly, turning into a fire with explosions that knocked out the metal garage doors.

Later, the owner of the electric car told reporters that the Model S was charging, and the man overslept the first notification of a technical problem, as it passed on his iPhone at about half past five in the morning.

The electric car broke out and the fire spread to the second Tesla Model S, which was parked in the same garage. At the same time, Tesla itself did not show any interest in what had happened: the burnt-out skeletons of electric cars were waiting for experts from Tesla for several weeks, who were supposed to determine the exact cause of the fire, but they never showed up.

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