Acer sues Volkswagen

Acer sues Volkswagen


Acer, a computer and electronics manufacturer, has accused the German company Volkswagen of using wireless equipment and technologies without a license. VW has installed Acer’s 2G and 3G modems in its cars, but the Taiwanese company now claims that the Germans violated several patents due to the use of 4G modems in new Volkswagen models. Acer is seeking compensation for this.

According to Reuters, Acer has filed a lawsuit against Volkswagen, accusing the German company of using 4G modems in several models of the brand. The lawsuit alleges that the technology, patented by the Taiwanese manufacturer, is applied to ID.4, Atlas, Golf, Tiguan and several other vehicles. Acer seeks damages for patent infringement and unlicensed use of equipment. Volkswagen said to this that corporate lawyers need to study the claim before deciding what to do next, but noted that the charges are allegedly unfounded and the company will defend its position.

It is known that this summer VW Group signed a licensing agreement with the Chinese company Huawei for the use of 4G technology. Last October, similar claims were filed against General Motors, Toyota and Honda for patent infringement related to mobile technologies. The success of Acer’s case could prompt other electronics vendors to file lawsuits against automakers as the fight over intellectual property has intensified in the digital age.

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