Across Europe by 2025, Volkswagen will install 36 000 charging points for electric cars

Across Europe by 2025, Volkswagen will install 36 000 charging points for electric cars

Volkswagen is committed to a rapid breakthrough in the field of electric mobility and is redoubling its efforts in the field of charging infrastructure. Across Europe by 2025, the Group will install 36 000 charging points, 11 000 of which will be developed by the Volkswagen brand. They will be installed at the factories of Volkswagen and about 3,000 dealerships Volkswagen in all major cities. Volkswagen together with its group companies for the charging infrastructure Elli (Electric Life) and service charge “We Charge” is also moving into new profitable business fields related to charging. Overall, the group invests about 250 million euros in its European offices. The group will also take other measures to increase the number of charging stations in Germany.

According to Volkswagen’s estimates, in the future 70% of all operations at the charging will occur at home or at work. Volkswagen Elli will offer a comprehensive charging solutions for businesses and consumers to meet these requirements starting in 2020. At the factories of Volkswagen throughout Germany, the brand will install about 4,000 charging points for employees, many of which will be available to the public.

Public charging stations will be used for approximately a quarter of all charging operations. Thanks to Volkswagen service “We Charge” customers will receive in the future, access to more than 100,000 charging points across Europe – in the medium term this figure will increase to 150,000 points. Planned partnership with retailers, allowing customers to conveniently charge their electric cars at shopping centers during purchases. It all started with Tesco in the UK, and other shopping centers will follow suit.

Volkswagen has also laid a solid Foundation for the charging stations along the highway. Electric cars from the series ID will have a large stockpile of moves on a single charge and is designed for fast charging. ID. 3 can be charged at quick-charging station with power from 100 to 125 kW, depending on the selected option. Together with industrial partners Volkswagen will also install 400 fast charging stations and up to 2 400 charging points on main routes and ??motorways across Europe by 2020, under the auspices of IONITY.

Volkswagen also offers the infrastructure for fast charging in urban areas. The first 28 fast charging stations that are not on highways, should be commissioned in Wolfsburg at the end of June. They are part of the gift of Volkswagen AG and the city of Wolfsburg on its 80th anniversary.

In Germany alone, the coalition agreement envisages by the year 2020 over 100 000 points charges. The basis for the rapid expansion of infrastructure needs to be laid quickly, for example, through amendments in the rent act and the construction or extension of subsidies for charging infrastructure in public and private Parking lots.

Recall, Volkswagen will start production of mobile charging stations with a capacity of 360 kWh in 2020.