Acura has built a 400-strong crossover

Acura has built a 400-strong crossover

Americans from Acura showed the whole “fighting squadron” sports cars that will go to conquer the race pikes Peak. One of the bests in the race now belongs to the Bentley marque.

This season, Acura has prepared the biggest in its history, Park sports cars for participation in the famous “Race to the clouds”. To models RDX A-Spec and TLX GT will be joined by two of the supercar NSX. One of them will perform in the class production cars, the second one represents a thoroughly modified racing version. The fifth will become one of the most popular SUVs of the brand – the seven-seat Acura MDX, and in a hybrid version.

However, with the production model it will have little in common, so how to get, for example, a modified powerplant. A three-liter V6 in its composition will give way to a 3.7-liter unit, which, together with three electric motors and seven-speed robot will be able to develop about 400 HP and 475 Nm of torque.

In addition, the crossover will supply an upgraded suspension, tuned to the specific features of the track and cage, as well as get rid of all seats except the driver’s, for the sake of reducing weight. Forecasts for results in the Acura is not given.

It should be noted that the current record of 20-kilometer mountain track for any production SUV is 10 minutes of 49.9 seconds. It was established last year by Rice Millen behind the wheel of a production Bentley Bentayga, so legally can compare the result and achievements of the Acura MDX, whatever they may be, will be. However, there is already an active rumor that on the basis of race, Acura can make its “charged” crossover it is a serial.

The absolute record for the hill pikes Peak about a year ago found Romain Dumas. The 680-strong electric prototype Volkswagen ID R, he was able to climb to a height of 4.3 km above sea level in 7 minutes and 57.1 seconds. Later, this prototype was destroyed and the record of the Nurburgring.