Acura NSX Type S sold out in 24 hours

Acura NSX Type S sold out in 24 hours


In the USA, Acura fans sold out the entire circulation of Acura NSX Type S in a day. The farewell version of the sports car caused a real stir among Americans.

Even though the Acura NSX had a difficult life with poor sales, the excitement when Acura unveiled the Type S swan song was palpable.

The Motor1 report states that all 300 NSX Type S offered in the US were reserved with deposits within just 24 hours of going on sale. An unnamed company insider added that it currently has 100 more people on a waiting list in case any of the orders fail.

Acura has added 27bhp to the NSX. and 22 Nm to give the Type S a total of 600 hp. and 667 Nm of torque. The car is still powered by the same aluminum alloy twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 engine paired with three electric motors, albeit with a few upgrades.

The Type S should also be the most responsive NSX ever, thanks to its increased downforce. For this, the car was equipped with a new diffuser and a carbon fiber roof, and its track became wider.

Also available for purchase is a $ 13,000 lightweight package that adds Brembo carbon ceramic brakes, a carbon fiber engine cover and a carbon trim interior package. All this together allows you to reduce weight by 26.2 kg.

Pricing for the NSX Type S starts at $ 169,500, although the Lite package increases that amount to $ 182,500. We already knew there was a lot of interest in the car, as the very first model in the lineup was auctioned for $ 1.1 million in August. In Japan, 30 NSX Type S are available for sale, albeit under the Honda brand. Where the other 20 will go remains to be seen.

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