Acura teases the new Integra

Acura teases the new Integra


Sorry, lovers of classic Integra. We know that many Type-R enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting Acura’s modern compact coupe, but it looks like those hopes were dashed. Acura’s new teaser video offers a glimpse of the profile of the new Integra, and if you look closely you can see the B-pillar separating the front and rear doors.

Acura explicitly states that the new Integra will be “a premium sports compact car with a judgmental five-door design.” Well, at least not a hatchback.

The images show a wide roof, low and long, meeting with a subtle spoiler above the rear fascia that looks like it is being blown back as well. Slim long tail lights look clean and modern.

At the moment, we know little about the revived sports coupe. Previous teasers have suggested superficial resemblance to the current TLX Type S, and this new video also offers a nod to the TLX. We expect the model to be built on the current generation Honda Civic platform, which means moderate turbocharged power sent to the front wheels only. At least at the start of sales. The electrified version of the Civic and the Integra is not ruled out.

An icon, resurrected. #ReturnOfIntegra

Posted by Acura Tuesday 28 September 2021

All questions are to be answered in the spring of 2022. It was then that Acura announced the debut of the new Intergra.

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