Acura will take on the original NSX

Acura will take on the original NSX


For Japanese owners of the first-generation Honda NSX, the service of factory restoration of cars has been available for 10 years now, and it is well-known for its popularity. Now the manufacturer is thinking of launching a similar program in the United States, where the sports car was sold under the Acura brand.

As John watts, senior Manager of the NSX Team, told Acura NSXPO online event, the idea is currently only under consideration: the company needs to understand how popular such a service can become. For understanding, in total, a little less than 9 thousand original NSX were sold in the States, and most of them are still in good condition.

According to preliminary data, if the project is given the green light, the most complete restoration program can cost about $ 140 thousand. So, just the initial inspection of the car will cost around 1.2 thousand dollars, and, for example, the restoration of the body – about 37 thousand dollars. About the same amount will be asked for major engine repairs – at least, if you focus on the Japanese price list.

The second-generation NSX is assembled at the Performance Manufacturing center in Ohio. It is possible that the maintenance of the original sports cars will be taken over by the same site.

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