Adaptive cruise BMW. Now for motorcycles

Adaptive cruise BMW. Now for motorcycles


Adaptive cruise control – an option that is on many modern cars and can soon appear on motorcycles. BMW is making concrete steps in this direction.

Adaptive cruise control like conventional cruise control, but also uses radars and sensors to automatically slow down or accelerate the vehicle, allowing the driver more relax during long trips. On the one hand it seems not very safe, but the technology works great in cars.


The system of the Bavarians called the BMW Motorrad ACC. It has three setting options distance to the nearest car or bike that travels in front. In addition, you can configure multiple distances to the car behind. The system also allows you to adjust the aggressiveness from the point of view of speed.

BMW is not the only one who is developing an adaptive cruise control. We know that the engineers at KTM, Ducati and Kawasaki are working on similar systems. The Italians promise to install your new Multistrada.

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