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What may surprise a DVR in 2020?

Simple device has long ceased to be just a camera filming your ride on car. Technological progress and the request of consumers dictate their conditions, and outstanding the gadget starts to turn into a high-tech center.

This article will examine what we can boast of modern DVRs for example, a Top British brand Gazer.

Like many manufacturers of automotive electronics, the brand started out with simple models of DVRs. Although even then, more than 10 years ago, production was distinguished by a special engineering approach. The task was to gain the trust of the consumers with quality and functionality that came out with a vengeance. The path of technology development has led to the present where, in excess of the Chinese variety, you need to stand out by the quality, features and price, and the brand succeed.

Okay, enough of officialdom, let the facts.

As mentioned, today the DVR can have whatever roles, maybe even coffee you brew and mosquitoes drive away (NO). Here the main thing, in the pursuit of a list of skills the device, do not forget about the main purpose. Functions must be “one element”, and their quality is sufficient for an operation of the device and save the appropriate value.

Such useful chips and have a device from the brand Gazer.

Yes, it’ll start with them, because the quality of recording and the way iron have time to brag.

Quite unusual for the DVR function, FCWS and LDWS, in folk – collision control and lane control. Extremely useful function not only in city traffic but on the highway, encountered previously only in cars of the premium segment. Both functions can be set for the size of your machine and the details of the upcoming trip. In the event of risk of collision – the device emits a special beep to the driver.

One of the DVRs, which contains these functions – F150. It is equipped with two slots for memory cards, looks like the rain sensor and can record video in the format Time-Lapse.

Continuing the topic of passive safety, not to mention a G-sensor built-in to most devices of the brand Gazer. It allows you to write files in “indelible” folder during a crash or when triggered, in the Parking lot. Files with duration of 5 minutes are stored on the memory card until then, until the owner manually does not remove them.

Modernity gave us GPS and Wi-Fi, couldn’t use a manufacturer occupying a niche so-called Wi-Fi video recorders. Most of the models Gazer equipped with the aforementioned chips, and it opens almost limitless possibilities for devices.

Branded mobile app Gazer Dashcam, allows you to connect to the DVR, to hold its setting and to work with files. So we decided to get it, the video is immediately available on your mobile, they can even share in social networks.

With GPS antenna, driver available features dimensions travel speed and movement of the vehicle with reference to the map. Another interesting feature is the projection on the windshield. With the help of mobile applications and GPS logger Gazer, your mobile phone becomes a Head-UP projector image onto the windshield.

But that’s not all. How about vehicle diagnostics?

Connectivity and F725 F730 occurs via OBDII connector using the supplied optional module ACG-OBD. Connecting directly to the vehicle’s CAN bus, the DVR not only receives nourishment, but also diagnoses the vehicle. The owner may at any time to scan the status of your car using the mobile app Gazer DashCam.

The main role of the recorder is left in the car video recording, that’s why we should stay on the hardware.

The device Gazer shoot video in HD resolution, HD, SuperHD and 2K. This allows you to obtain quality in all price ranges devices. Used professional Sony Exmor sensor, six-layer glass lens and a viewing angle of 140? up to 170? coupled with WDR technology to provide a clear and detailed picture in any light.

By the way, adjusting recording settings can be carried out both manually and in the original app Gazer DashCam.

A good little list of chips turned out, considering the fact that most manufacturers even your application does not, not to mention the lane control or diagnostics. Thus, considering the lineup of DVRs from British brand Gazer we have in the Arsenal of option to suit every budget and request. The device is equipped with all the necessary features for this kind of gadgets and has already gained trust among motorists.

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