Aether Electric Motorcycle Concept

Aether Electric Motorcycle Concept


Electric motorcycle concepts are often too futuristic and whimsical. Perhaps this is due to the fixed thinking about the future. Most designers think far beyond their usual concepts.

Taiwanese designer Lin Yu Cheng thought in the same vein when he created the concept of the Aether electric bike, which, among other things, purifies the air of the environment. Large vents on the sides allow air to pass through a series of ceramic filters that capture particles down to 2.5 microns. In fact, the idea is not new, but it seems utopian. Who will pay for filters to purify the air around so ineffectively ?!

Overall, the bike is pretty attractive. The front fenders are reminiscent of the Confederate Wraith design, while the large air intakes are similar to the Buell 1125.

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