Affordable and durable Tesla: the first step!

Affordable and durable Tesla: the first step!


American car company Tesla is planning to present later this or early next year a new battery, which at first will be installed in manufactured in China electric car Model 3. The new battery has a low price and durability. Its use is expected to equalize the cost of electric cars price of cars is a petrol engine.

The last few months, Tesla CEO Elon Musk promises to showcase the significant achievements in the field of battery technology at the Battery event Day (Day battery) at the end of may.

Informed sources told Reuters that the creation of inexpensive batteries, designed for a million miles (1.6 million km), thanks to which the price of an electric car Tesla equal or fall below the value of the car on petrol, are only part of the plan is Elon musk.


With a global fleet of more than 1 million electric cars that can be connected to the network and to supply it electricity, Tesla could achieve the status of an energy company that competes with the traditional electricity providers like Pacific Gas & Electric and Tokyo Electric Power. A goal set before him the head of Tesla.

According to sources, the new battery “a million miles” was created by Tesla in cooperation with the Chinese company Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd. While it uses technology that was developed by specialists of Tesla in cooperation with the team of academic experts in the field of batteries, attracted by the Musk.

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