Afraid? Tesla plants in Germany may be moved because of the “public”

Afraid? Tesla plants in Germany may be moved because of the “public”


Re-public online hearings are due to take place soon, and the public may object to the huge Tesla plant near Berlin. This was announced on Thursday by the regional ministry of the environment over concerns that the process is not in line with regulations.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on October 9 during a visit to the Grünheide plant that he hopes to start production in November, which looks increasingly unlikely as the authorities first need to review the latest applications before deciding on a permit. p>

A retrial, available only to those who have objected in previous rounds of public hearings but were not satisfied with Tesla’s or the Environment’s response, will take place from November 2 to 22, the statement said.

A Tesla spokesman said the company supports its goal of starting production of cars by the end of the year, and then ramping up production as soon as possible.

The authorities decided to repeat the process after environmental groups, whose objections have been placed in a separate case, also moved to the Internet, noting that citizens were not warned sufficiently in advance that the consultations would take place online.

In his two-year battle to launch production at the facility, Musk expressed frustration with German laws and bureaucracy, arguing that complex planning requirements are at odds with the urgency needed to tackle climate change.

The Gigafactory and the adjacent battery business are expected to produce at least 500,000 battery electric vehicles per year and generate 50 GWh of electricity, beating German competitors in both directions.

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