After the next update, Tesla will say goodbye to the driver

After the next update, Tesla will say goodbye to the driver


Tesla has unveiled an update that will give the car more autonomous driving. It is still available to a limited number of users.

Tesla has unveiled one of the largest Full Self Driving software updates. The Verge notes that the company is distributing the beta version of FSD 9 to early access program users. The researchers note that it will not make the car fully autonomous, but it will allow Autopilot’s many features to assist the driver, such as when changing lanes and cornering.

Drivers will also receive an updated visualization that will help them see “augmented surrounding information”, this will allow them to learn more information about the space around. The update also mentions a recently activated feature that uses a camera in the cabin to make sure the driver is watching the road while the autopilot is on. Despite the updates, Elon Musk urged beta test participants “to be paranoid” and asked them to be ready to get behind the wheel.

As noted by The Verge, this version of the update has been in preparation for a long time. Tesla first promised to activate FSD functions in August 2018, and Elon Musk promised that in 2020 more than a million will drive on their own. However, even the beta version released in October 2020 did not provide drivers with full autonomy.

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