Again the allies: Nissan crossovers with the “heart” of Mercedes

Again the allies: Nissan crossovers with the “heart” of Mercedes


Nissan after his partner Renault is beginning to translate their own cars on Mercedes engines. While this innovation will affect only the crossovers Qashqai and X-Trail. Under the hood of parktronikov the near future will have the 1.33-litre turbocharged engine developing up to 162 HP of net power. Moreover, the efficiency of the unit, which will appear on the Japanese models, not yet announced.


Note that the French company this year to produce “European” Renault Captur with the same Mercedes engine. In this model, the German turbo engine produces 162 HP specified

It is reported that Nissan sets the Mercedes engine only those crossovers that are supplied to the Chinese market. The Assembly of these models have already established local company, owned by the Dongfeng Corporation. The Mercedes engine matched with a 6-speed manual or 7-speed robotic gearbox. About the probability of occurrence of both crossovers with this motor on the Ukrainian market, the company Nissan has not reported.

Recall that a few days ago, the network has released the first official photo, revealing the appearance of the next-generation X-Trail. New images show that the car has not changed radically, as happened with the previous generation of the crossover. However, the X-Trail is quite significantly changed.

First of all, the crossover has acquired a bunk head optics non-standard configurations. So, the new X-Trail under the hood is placed a thin strip of led DRLs, while the main block of the headlights embedded in the bumper.


According to rumors, the Japanese novelty will receive a fairly wide engine range, which will include several gasoline and one turbodiesel engine. The latter raises questions, as Nissan has previously announced that it intends to gradually abandon the production of cars with the units on “heavy” fuel.

Also for the new X-Trail has prepared some kind of hybrid installation, the characteristics of which have not been revealed.

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