Ah, Europe: “Bogdan” won a tender from Skoda for the delivery of trolleybuses in the Czech Republic

Ah, Europe: “Bogdan” won a tender from Skoda for the delivery of trolleybuses in the Czech Republic


Tender offer of Corporation “Bogdan” in consortium with the Czech company TRAM FOR ENVI s.r.o. recognized as the best in the bidding for the supply of six trolleybuses with an Autonomous course for the transport company in Jihlava (Czech Republic)

According to the message on the e-procurement portal of the Czech Republic, Czech-Ukrainian consortium offered a trolley for 71,4 million CZK (about EUR2,64 million – if), or 11.9 million CZK per one trolley (EUR440,3 million), at an estimated amount of the procurement 82,74 million kronor (EUR3,06 million).

At the same time participating in the tender Skoda Electric bid 82,17 million kronor (EUR3,04 million), or 13,695 million euros for the trolley.


Trolley buses on the basis of “Bogdan Т701” needs to be adapted to the needs of the Czech market, in particular electrical equipment thereto must be delivered by the Czech company Cegelec.

The press Secretary of Corporation “Bogdan” Sergei Krasulya confirmed the victory in the tender, however, refrained from other details of cooperation before the official conclusion of the contract, as currently lasts for the period of contestation.

Low floor 12-meter trolleybus “Bogdan Т701” produced at the plant in Lutsk in 2010, was developed with a focus on the European market. According to Microsoft, currently, trolleybuses “Bogdan” – the only one produced in Ukraine are certified in the EU.

Corporation “Bogdan” about 10 years ago had the experience of cooperation with Cegelec and presented a joint trolleybus of the Czech municipality of Ostrava. . Among the large supply of products in the EU – delivered in 2013, together with the Polish Ursus 38 buses in Lublin.


Corporation “Bogdan” was established in 2005 with the purpose of realization of the investment projects directed on creation in Ukraine of capacities on manufacture of vehicles of all types. The Corporation has built automobile plants in Cherkasy capacity of 120-150 thousand cars and luck with a capacity of 6 thousand buses and trolleybuses a year

The main specialization of the company TRAM FOR ENVI s.o.r., according to information on its website, – design and manufacture of new and modernization of old tram cars, as well as decisions to supply trolleybuses and electric buses to markets in the EU.

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