Ahead of all: Will Huawei launch its first electric car in 2021?

Ahead of all: Will Huawei launch its first electric car in 2021?


Chinese smartphone and telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huawei has decided to try its hand at the auto industry. As Reuters reported, citing four different sources at once, a family of electric vehicles is under development, and the first of them may be shown as early as 2021.

Allegedly, negotiations are now underway on direct assembly with at least two specialized companies in the Middle Kingdom. One of them is the state-owned Changan Automobile, which has recently taken up the production of the Mustang Mach-E electric crossover for China as part of a joint venture with Ford. The second is BluePark New Energy Technology, part of BAIC holding, also controlled by the government.

Huawei itself has already denied this information in a statement to Reuters, noting that it is not an automobile company, but is developing information and communication technologies that will allow automakers to create more modern cars. However, three agency sources claim Huawei will be pursuing low-cost, battery-powered EVs targeting the mass market.

A week ago it became known that another well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi, could produce its own electric car. According to local media reports, the company was pushed to such a step by a halt in the growth of sales of mobile devices. In addition, in recent months, rumors have flared up with renewed vigor about the so-called Apple iCar, which should receive not only an electric drive, but also an autopilot of the Apple’s own development. Presumably, it will be produced at Hyundai-KIA facilities using components from a number of third-party suppliers.

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