Ahead of the curve: the Chinese showed their X8

Ahead of the curve: the Chinese showed their X8

Company JAC will soon introduce another new crossover. The model will take the position of flagship in the newly created line of Jiayue. For SUV announced three options for the interior layout. The motor went from a Junior SUV, but its impact increased.

Line Jiayue (something like “Jia-Yue”) was created by JAC last year, her company referred to as “era 3.0” – such a designation the Chinese invented to their new products. Today under this sub-brand release of the original liftback A5, X7 and X4 SUV (redesigned Refine JAC Refine S7 and S4, respectively), the latter was launched in China just a week ago. And the debut of ready flagship model Jiayue: this SUV again, again beaverdam index – X8 (although the Germans have yet to prepare for the premiere of his “x eight”). Recently, the flagship lit up in pictures of poor quality from the Chinese industry Ministry, and now I’m JAC spread full-fledged corporate photography.


Most likely, the basis for Jiayue took X8 X7, but the design of the older crossover is still your: located on top of the DRL made wider, replaced the bumpers, grille, hood and rear door. The rear lights are also others, though, like the X7, they are connected by a luminous band. Thanks to the “plum” of the Ministry of industry of the PRC, we know that the length Jiayue X8 is equal to 4795 mm, width – 1870 mm, height – 1758 mm wheelbase – 2810 mm. SUV X7 in short, 19 mm, and the distance between the axles, this SUV is 2750 mm. it is interesting that the width and height Junior cross ahead of X8 – X7 from Jiayue these figures are 1760 and 1900 mm, respectively.

The interior of “x eight,” the manufacturer has not yet revealed, but we know that X8 will be offered in six – and seven-seater version. By the way, local specialized media write that the five-seater version too. Meanwhile, the salon Jiayue X7 is designed for five riders. For X8 also stated Parking sensors and cameras of the circular review (Junior SUV is good too).

The engine was moved from “x-seventh” is petrol “turboservice” HFC4GC1.6E 1.5, however, for three-row crossover its impact has increased from 174 to 184 HP Jiayue X7 is available with a six-speed “mechanics” or six-speed also robotic transmission with two clutches – they certainly got the upcoming flagship. From Jiayue X7 front-wheel drive only, at X8 4WD version too, probably not.


Presentation of the new SUV of JAC will be held in the near future, prices are not announced yet. Jiayue X7 now stands at 89 119 800 to 800 yuan, equivalent to about 12 800 – 17 100 dollars at the current exchange rate.

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