Air conditioning and uniforms: how Kiev minibuses will look like today

Air conditioning and uniforms: how Kiev minibuses will look like today


But not all!

A new contract was developed for Kiev fixed-route taxis, with new requirements for the service. So far, only one minibus will operate under the new contract, but soon other carriers will have to take over key positions.

On July 27, the press service of the Kyiv City State Administration announced that a new contract was signed with the winners of the competition for passenger transportation. For example, the air conditioner in the cabin should now not only be present, but be in good working order and guarantee the temperature not higher than 22 degrees in summer, and not lower than 15 degrees in winter.

Transport requirements

In addition to the temperature regime, the agreement prohibits drivers from playing music in principle, hanging posters, amulets and other decorations. The cabin should be clean and there should be an information poster with information about the driver (name, photo, date of birth, driver’s license number), carrier ID, transportation rules and feedback methods.

Driver requirements

Each driver must wear a uniform and communicate with passengers in the state language. Drivers are required to complete pre-medical assistance courses and instructions on the rules for disembarking and boarding passengers with disabilities. They are not allowed to smoke in the cabin.

So far, all of the above applies only to the winners of the recent competition for passenger transportation in Kiev. However, other private and utility carriers will soon have to move to the new standard. The first batch of minibuses that meet the requirements of the agreement will go to the streets of Kiev today.

As a reminder, it was previously reported that in the next couple of years, the fleet of two bus routes will be completely replaced from diesel transport to modern electric buses.

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