Air conditioning Bugatti Chiron will easily cool a two-bedroom apartment

Air conditioning Bugatti Chiron will easily cool a two-bedroom apartment


Air conditioners that Bugatti sets in their cars so powerful that they would be sufficient for cooling a typical European two-bedroom apartment. The French company described the principles of operation of the device, a full-time engineer Julia Lemke.

So, the design of the climate system Bugatti Chiron includes two condenser, compressor, and air conditioning. The total length of the refrigerant circuit is approximately 9.5 metres.

High performance conditioning due to several factors, explains Lemke. First, before an engineer the task was to create a conditioning operation which will not be reduced at high speeds. In normal cars the air flows into the lower part of the windshield, but the Bugatti it only happens at speeds up to 250 kilometers per hour.

So the conditioning is continued with further increase of speed, the company has developed a complex system with additional flaps and the improved blower is especially true for Chiron with a maximum speed of 420 kilometers per hour.


The second difficulty, which had to be taken into account, the strong slope of the windscreen (21.5 degree), because of which salon Chiron heats up faster. Finally, the third factor was the mid-engine layout hypercar with 8.0-litre W16, the output of which is 1500 HP and 1600 Nm of torque.

Air conditioning, power which is enough to cool a room area of 80 square meters, is designed to create a comfortable temperature in the cabin, constantly heated installed directly behind the seats, a huge motor.

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