Airship Carvanning

Airship Carvanning


James’s airship caravanning adventure hits the rocks as he drifts into Norwich airport’s airspace while Richard, unsure of which caravan park James will actually end up in, undertakes a tour of the South East in the Lamborghini Gallardo! Subscribe: Taken from Series 14 Episode 3. Check out James’ thought on this adventure WATCH MORE: Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Car Walkarounds: Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

it’s now time for a spot of airborne low this is unquestionably the most powerful cooker ever fitted to the t-bird caravan very well cooked on one side okay the bureau during a village somewhere – all part of the adventure of caravanning back to the Balboni thing is the basicness just makes it better to drive the steering feels so much quicker because there’s no four-wheel drive in the way and this gear checks and manual box it feels is like shaking hands with an old friend anything is basic is price because weird this stripped-out strictly functional girl across 163 thousand pounds which is 18 grand dearer than the ordinary four-wheel drive so maybe less really is more the Balboni propelled me towards our camp site in kit and then James rang again hello are you reading from the grave not at all going marvellously up here that you’d love it there is one slight hitch though alright what’s up now the performance is slightly Bar Journal if I get ahead with the more than 30 knots I sort of well I start to go backward well you can’t go into a wind more 13 not though what’s the wind beat now but it was 12 so what you’re telling me is you just being blown around Britain takes too long to get down to Ken so I’m going to turn round and go the other way up to suffer right anyway listen I’ve got the dress for you why don’t you just ring up booked us into every caravan site in Britain before we left stop nitpicking we’ll you know but if this airship caravanning scheme of his catches on what we’ll have is the skies full of airships crashing into each other whenever the wind gets and then the roads full of cars crashing into each other because they have to keep turning round I’m site number three with the wind behind me I headed for our new destination good my Caravan conference they had half an hour oh hi I was wondering if there were any pitches available in the white hair speech club this afternoon please watch the turnout Bay ma why could I just ask if you have facilities for people arriving by airship by airship right okay you actually a member of the Caravan Club Here I am in the village of this village and it’s somewhere I would never have seen yeah that’s a really really big tower over there that’s well that’s clearly just a danger to caravans I’m must remember to tell James about as it turned out at that moment James had more than a tower to worry about Mayday Mayday Mayday and are installed Papa golf I’m about to enter your airspace go Oscar papa golf toys you are entering an area of intense aerial activity at the moment it is imperative that you remain clear a well clear Norwich golf Papa golf sorry cannot supply have no control over airship boat with this fin Oscar papa golf remain a world clear Norwich cannot suffice for golf you have traffic left lemon o’clock range of half a mile fast moving similar left Roger have this little golf club at all don’t pop a golfer the track you’re right at three o’clock right left the BBC Radio four Newsbeat right that’s the news report no news of a massive fireball burning over Northamptonshire or of people in the streets been hit by pieces of long burning hair and bad jumper anyway I’m probably being pessimistic sure it’s going very well no stay where you are not to start up or take off a bird old I’ve got a police helicopter would shortly be Golf Papa golf police helicopter muna not necessary I will attempt to clear your zone at this altitude Golf Papa golf please no call the police go go for example on a BMX get a colossal aviation bulletin Suffolk open the holiday destination just a few miles away now James will have landed set the van up organised our little home from home come we got the kettle with the wrath of the sky cops still ringing in my ears finally I reached a caravan site I didn’t know if it was the one I booked into but didn’t do here we go romantic you won’t even notice this is a lovely approach over the trees there’s a matter of arresting descent little person gasps what I’m actually doing here is helping to realize a dream that was held by Betty great then people who envisaged the elegance and the majesty of lighter than air flight pack Zeppelin Nevil suits Barnes Wallis this is for their printing Oh God talking Laura this is difficult gasps gasps he’s going bad keep it upright maybe going sideways slightly Mayday Oh

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