Airstream: all amenities, with a

Airstream: all amenities, with a


The new tourist season, the company introduced the Airstream Basecamp trailer 20. This new trailer precisely be called, enabling the next level — the platform has become larger, and the list of functions is wider. Not everyone in the apartment is all what is Packed with this portable “capsule”.


In the company Airstream claim that the new model is suitable for both beginners and experienced travelers, everything here is intuitive and clearly arranged, and are specially designed for adventurers who need a big and durable travel trailer.

The dimensions of the trailer have become more compared to the previous model Basecamp 16, so it installed and larger diameter wheels, which makes it easy to tow even off the paved road.

Due to the large size, 20 Basecamp offers a large bed with a variety of options of transformation – it can be turned into pulsys or two beds for children or sofa for a foldable dining room. If desired, customers can receive additional equipment such as solar panels, microwave and air conditioning.

The package added 20X high flotation tires and Goodyear aluminum alloy wheels, tinted glass and double steel step.


Its large size is perfect for adventurous families who want to have all the comforts of home in a durable and reliable travel trailer, says Justin Humphreys, Vice President of sales for Airstream.

Over the next few weeks will start taking orders for these houses for travelers. The price of the standard model Basecamp 20 MSRP is 45 $ 900, and a top Basecamp 20X – 48 $ 900.

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