AIS launches AutoTrade service of buying a car in Korea under the order of the Customer!


AIS AutoTrade is one of the largest operators on the pre-owned, one of the first on the market offers a new service – buying pre-owned vehicle in South Korea under the order.

The main advantages of buying a used car in Korea is that the cost of this service is cheaper than buying a car in the United States, and all offered in Korea, cars in excellent or good condition and do not require recovery. Other advantages include:

  • Large selection of models of all classes and types of vehicle, including engine type (in contrast to the United States in Korea is popular all major types of engines – diesel, petrol, LPG, hybrids). In the presence of a large number of well-known models that have proven themselves in Ukraine!
  • High build quality (Korean cars have better ratio quality/price).
  • To buy a car in Korea you can with the factory equipment, because the local market the cars running on LPG and is very popular. LPG is placed on the machine by the manufacturer. Such fuel systems are the most reliable and durable.
  • Savings when buying 20% to 40% compared to buying the equivalent in the Ukraine.

Choosing and buying a car is like on the trading floors for the sale of used cars and directly on the official representatives of factories-manufacturers. Among the most popular Internet sites stands out:

Autowini trading platform No. 1 for the purchase of vehicles in South Korea. Ensure a safe buy from Korean sellers at reasonable prices.

Encar is one of the largest trading platforms for the implementation of used cars with branches throughout the country.

Among the most common and frequently purchased brands include: Hyundai, KIA, SsangYoung.

Car shipping from Korea is a special ferry. Unlike shipping from USA, cars from Korea are not loaded into the container, and are driven on a special ship. This service is much safer, since the likelihood of damage to the vehicle if such transportation is minimized. Approximate time of 45 days, which is also faster than to deliver cars from the USA.

AIS AutoTrade provides Clients with a full range of services for buying a car in Korea for only $500 (payable in UAH. according to the NBU rate):

  • selection of brand, model, vehicle specification for the parameters of interest;
  • the test vehicle representative of the company in Korea (photos, video report on paintwork);
  • participation in the auction and purchase the vehicle for the customer;
  • delivery to Ukraine;
  • full documentary support;
  • certification and customs clearance;
  • assistance in registration;
  • delivery to the address of the Client in any point of Ukraine.

Learn more about the possibilities and conditions of acquisition of cars with mileage in South Korea or USA via AIS AutoTrade on our website or by visiting a retail and office complex AIS Autotrade, which is located at the address: Kyiv, PR of Stepan Bandera, a 26-In (the direction of the metro Pochayna /ex-Petrovka/ to the North /former Moscow/ bridge, near shopping center METRO) or by calling the information line 0800-50-79-50 (free from landline and mobile phones within Ukraine).

The alternative offered AIS AutoTrade – the opportunity to purchase already cleared the car from Korea or the United States from a warehouse in Kiev. To purchase a number of popular brands such as Volkswagen, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Chevrolet, KIA, Hyundai. The car warehouse we offer one of the largest in Ukraine and more than 150 units to Choose from available to buy cars from USA or Korea on the site.

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