AIS offers AutoTrade buy a car in Korea with factory LPG!


AIS AutoTrade, one of the first in the market has launched a service buy a car in Korea under the order of the Client, offers to order Korean cars with pre-installed LPG kit.

Unlike other countries, cars with LPG is very popular in South Korea. Gas equipment selected and adapted directly by the manufacturer (KIA, Hyundai, etc.), its installation and configuration are performed on the conveyor. Thus, robust, reliable and durable work of such a LPG, the fuel system and engine guaranteed directly by the manufacturer.

Buying a car on autogas in Korea, it is necessary to consider its main advantage – it does not have a redundant fuel system, allowing the use of gasoline. Korean manufacturers have focused on developing natural gas engines with direct injection of the fuel mixture.

Cars from South Korea LPG equipped with the technology of LPi, when the gas is injected into the manifold of the vehicle immediately in a liquefied state, passing phase evaporation. The injection system is configured so that the fuel burns with maximum efficiency and a higher octane rating petrol.

South Korean manufacturers such as Hyundai, Kia, Renault-Samsung and GM Daewoo produces vehicles for over 20 years, constantly improving its technology. In recent years, the vehicles are installed with the LPi system of the 5th generation. Among their main advantages:

  1. No problems with engine start in any weather conditions or other factors.
  2. Complete evaporation of gas allows to avoid problems with the “pouring candles” even in the bitter cold, as the gas evaporates, and not “spread” like gasoline.
  3. Gas burns slower than gasoline, thereby reducing the load on the piston, and the engine runs softer and quieter.
  4. Increases engine life, since the use of gas mixtures allows to get rid of problems with clogging of the engine. High system reliability is achieved through multi-stage cleaning gas mixture from mechanical impurities, tar, water and other impurities through the established different types of filters.
  5. Safety LPG LPi 5 generation is significantly higher than the gasoline system of the vehicle as structurally, the gas cylinder times stronger than a conventional gasoline tank, and the equipment includes a multilevel protection system against excess pressure, fuel leaks, etc.
  6. The LPi system is a complete analogue of the gasoline injection system of the vehicle. The injection of liquid gas to completely replace the gasoline and allows to abandon the use of the latter.
  7. Cylinders with gas fuel have a number of protection systems:

system against leaks: valve does not pass gas;

– the system of the excess of fullness in the cylinder: be used, restricting the filling up to 85% of the volume of the container;

system from damage of the container: in the event of damage, at change of pressure a valve dumps the extra volume of gas into the vents outside of the vehicle;

– is possible to release the gas using the valve.

Note that it is possible to buy the car under the individual order of any of the popular Korean models.

Among the other benefits of buying a car in Korea:

  • cars in Korea in excellent condition and require no restoration. The client gets all a car ready for active service.
  • the cost of the service is significantly cheaper compared to ordering a car in the United States;
  • large selection of models of all classes and types of vehicle, including engine type (in contrast to the United States in Korea is popular all major types of engines – diesel, petrol, LPG, hybrids);
  • high quality cars (Korean automobile industry has a better ratio quality/price);
  • savings when buying 20% to 40% compared to buying the equivalent in the Ukraine.

Learn more about the possibilities and conditions of acquisition of cars with mileage in South Korea or USA via AIS AutoTrade on the site or visiting a retail and office complex AIS Autotrade, which is located at the address: Kyiv, PR of Stepan Bandera, a 26-In (the direction of the metro Pochayna /ex-Petrovka/ to the North /former Moscow/ bridge, near shopping center METRO) or by calling the information line 0800-50-79-50 (free from landline and mobile phones within Ukraine).

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