AIS offers cargo, commercial and municipal vehicles with up to 300 thousand UAH.


MAZ has for a number of years remain the most popular in the freight transport and public works. High reliability, efficiency and economy confirmed the first place in the market and growing market share.

The sales and service network of AIS – the official dealer of MAZ in Ukraine, support of national manufacturers, and conducts a season of promotional sales converted, special and municipal vehicles produced at Ukrainian plants on chassis MAZ. Benefit up to 300 000 UAH*:

KrASZ-M43AB0-002 Board, g/p 5 tons on chassis MAZ 4371 cornet – from 799 000 UAH.

KrASZ-M4CAV5 vacuum car, 5 cubic meters, on chassis MAZ 4371N2 cornet – 1 079 000 UAH.

KrASZ-M4CAM2 garbage truck with rear loading, 10 cubic meters, on chassis MAZ 4371 cornet – 1 199 900 UAH.

KrASZ-M5C5T1 Tanker, 10 CBM on chassis MAZ 5340 – from 1 799 000 UAH.

KrASZ-M5C5D1 road combo vehicle (winter/summer) on chassis MAZ 5340 – 1 999 000 UAH.

An additional advantage of buying MAZ AIS will be able to purchase a car on loan or lease at a rate of only 4.7% per annum in local currency without reference to the exchange rate.**

Learn more about MAZ and conditions of their purchase in the network of Group of companies AIS, please phone 0 800 500 205 or on the website.

*The price per unit on 10.07.2020 on limited stock cars 2017-2019 G. V. the benefit is the maximum price difference between the specified promotional price and the standard price of cars 2020 Special price offer is valid with 10.07.2020 on 31.10.2020 in the sales and service AIS network throughout Ukraine. The price can be changed depending on changes in foreign exchange rates purchases, as well as in the event of a change of commercial policy of the manufacturer. For the purpose of updating prices, you must contact the seller.

**Promotional credit program operates in the commercial AIS network in all territory of Ukraine in the period from 01.07.2020 on 31.10.2020 g (inclusive). Finances of JSC “CB “Globus”: NBU License №240 from 21.01.2019 More detailed information on the website.

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