Aiways U6 battery-powered cross-coupe is available for order

Aiways U6 battery-powered cross-coupe is available for order


China has started accepting orders for the new electric coupe Aiways U6, which in the spring of 2020 was considered the U6 Ion concept. Sales of the second model of the brand (the first was Aiways U5) will begin in September, but for now, you can make an advance payment of 66 or 6,000 yuan (10 or 925 dollars), and a large contribution is not refundable in case of refusal. For the U6 Coupe, a drag coefficient of 0.26 (-0.01), a range of 650 km (NEDC), AI-Pilot 3.0 autopilot with 23 sensors (“seeing” in the 170 m range), a panoramic roof with a sunroof with an area of ​​2 , 1 m2, German sound system Magnat with 15 speakers.

The serial five-door differs from the concept by a moderate aerodynamic body kit and more modest decor. The diameter of the wheels has been reduced from 21 to 20 inches. The dimensions of the SUV have not yet been named, however, they are very close to the U5 model: 4680x1865x1700 mm, the wheelbase is 2800.

Most likely, the power plant for the U5 and U6 models is the same, that is, the electric motor that spins the front wheels develops 140 kW (190 hp, 315 Nm). The battery capacity of the “fifth” is 53, 63, 72 kWh (405, 503, 600 km), acceleration to a hundred lasts 7.6 s, maximum speed – 160 km / h.

The 14.6-inch touchscreen, the switch on the center console and the wireless charging tray have been taken over from the U6 Ion concept. The steering wheel was replaced by a two-spoke multifunction steering wheel, while the place of the seven-inch tidy was taken by the “embrasure” of the color screen. The seats were shared by fellow U5.

The main competitor of the “tenth-sixth” is Tesla Model Y, which “starts” in China with 276,000 yuan ($ 42,600). “Coupe” U6 will be much cheaper, because the U5 SUV fits into the price range of 166,900-179,900 (25,700-27,700 dollars). The demand for the fifth-fifth is still scanty: in China, 2,280-2,600 units were sold in 2020, and only 550 units were sold in Europe, although the starting price of 39,300 euros after subsidies drops to 32,300. Tesla Model Y asks in Germany 56 990-63 990 euros, autopilot requires an additional payment of 3800-7500 The launch of the “tenth-sixth” in the EU is inevitable.

A beautiful electric car?

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  • MedialexApril 4, 2021 22:51

    Although it is definitely an unfinished replica, I would be interested in contact details, anyway. Maybe this could be an interesting project.

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