“Alcohol” supercar for 400 thousand Euro became a serial

“Alcohol” supercar for 400 thousand Euro became a serial


Supercar Nathalie Roland Gumpert, built by a former head of Audi Motorsport Roland Gumpert, in cooperation with the Chinese startup Aiways, became the production model. Mark Roland Gumpert has announced a welcome series First Edition called price of 407 thousand Euro.

Feature Roland Gumpert Nathalie – powerplant, which combines a 15-kilowatt unit methanol fuel cells with a 65-litre cylinder and buffer traction battery, providing a total capacity of 178 kilowatt-hours. The system works like this: methyl alcohol is heated to 300-400 degrees Celsius, causing the hydrogen from which the electrochemical generator under the hood gets the electricity to power the batteries.


In motion “Natalie” lead four motor making 400 kilowatts or 544 horsepower. Each pair is equipped synchronized with each other by two-stage transmissions. With to hundred coupe accelerates in 2.5 seconds, and rests in a maximum of 300 kilometers per hour.

The total reserve of 820 kilometers, although I talked about 1200 kilometers. Filling an empty tank with methanol takes only three minutes.


The total circulation of Roland Gumpert Nathalie is 500 copies. It also included the batch of machines First Edition. In price is included welcome version special color of the body and an extended equipment list.

The beginning of deliveries of the “alcohol” of the supercar is scheduled for the first half of 2021.

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