Alfa Romeo Disco Volante

Alfa Romeo Disco Volante


Jeremy is in Italy to celebrate the return of the bespoke car building company Touring, with their latest product a modified Alfa Romeo 8C. But has it worked? Clip taken from series 21 episode 4.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

one of the most striking intelligent and unusual cars I’ve seen in a very long time it started out in life as an Alfa Romeo 8c but was totally rebodied and reupholstered by an old couch building company in Milan called touring he’s in the 50s they styled and built sports cars for Alfa Romeo later they designed the Aston Martin db5 and db6 along with the Jensen interceptor and the very first Lamborghini the 350gt that is corny 2cv in recent years however they’ve been reduced to making mildly modified Bentley’s and Maseratis it’s been like watching Dame Judi Dench reduced to appearing in a regional pantomime but now they’ve decided to bring the lost art of proper coach building back with the Disco Volante certain structural and safety related things can’t be changed the seat belt mounting points the windscreen the suspension mounting points they’ll be the same on this car as they are on this one it’s like plastic surgery you can’t change the skeleton but you can change the flesh and that is what they’ve done but has it worked the simple answer is yes it doesn’t shake it doesn’t rattle it doesn’t feel like botched plastic surgery you don’t think every time you go over a bump oh no my nose is gonna fall off doesn’t feel like Michael Jackson know what it does feel it feels solid it feels and this is my phrase for a and milk are it feels mass-produced that said it does not feel like the car that spawned it it doesn’t feel like an 8c that’s because they’ve softened the suspension they’ve turned it from a stiff me Road Barnstormer into a comfortable cruising machine and I like that there are loads of cars built specifically to attack a road like this so it’s quite refreshing to find one that allows you to savor it savor the views savor the moment so it doesn’t feel like an 8c and it certainly doesn’t sound like one on either oh it’s the most soulful sounding car I think I’ve ever heard it’s as though the entire exhaust system is actually made out of Otis Redding then fall of Frisco it’s Otis don’t get me wrong though this is not a slow car it has a 444 horsepower 4.7 liter Maserati v8 couple that to a superlight carbon fibre and aluminium body and you end up with a car that accelerates like it’s falling off a cliff the top speed is a hundred and eighty-one as though driving a car this exquisite this elegant quickly feels wrong like Pogo dancing – I heard it through the grapevine no no no you can’t be bad this this color speed this is where it’s at its best half speed I didn’t even feel inclined to drive it fast I don’t want to hand the tail out on the hair pins I put it in Auto put some tunes on the stereo like so pop on a pair of sunglasses and slow on down and pretty soon you’ll want to stop altogether and get out because looking at this car that’s really what it’s all about it’s interesting how many elements from other things are in that shape I can see a little bit of Corvette bit of e-type then there’s the I think it was called the discovery the spaceship in 2001 a Space Odyssey I see that at the front I love the way they painted gold before they paint it red to make the color richer then there’s the name Disco Volante picked out in the seats now I know in Italian Disco Volante means flying saucer but to me it’s the name of largos hydrofoil in the Bond film Thunderball I love that car I really do I think it really is time now to bring out my special eel of face I was jealous of Hammond when he came out to Italy the other day to drive the new Alfa 4c because to me that thing is special it’s it’s the angel Gabriel but I’m not jealous anymore because this this is the full baby Jesus I’m not going to say it’s the best car in the world it certainly isn’t the nicest to drive the brakes are spongy you can see nothing out of the back but as a tool for making you feel special really nothing gets close nothing that’s all a Maserati heart an Alfa Romeo badge exhausts made out of Otis Redding and a handcrafted body to die for that is one hell of a combination it really is you

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