Alfa Romeo plans to abandon sports cars

Alfa Romeo plans to abandon sports cars


Alfa Romeo is planning in the near future to exclude from the model line from two sports coupe, instead of adding to the range a couple of crossovers.

Last year the management of the brand Alfa Romeo has shared plans for the near future and have published the scheme of development of the model line until 2022. Among other things, it was stated two sports coupe: GTV and 8C, however, we now know that these plans will not come true: for the sake of optimizing operational cost the company intends to considerably reduce the lineup. According to the publication Automobile Magazine the new head of the concern FCA Mike Manley, the brand will remain in the range of only those models, which with high probability will make a profit.


Of course, niche sports cars do not belong to them – we are talking about more or less the mass of cars and locomotive sales in the world today are crossovers. From a report by the FCA for the third quarter of 2019, it is clear that the current line of Alfa Romeo will only Giulia sedan and a crossover Stelvio, the update of which is scheduled for 2021. In addition, the brand plans to add to the model line, two new crossover next year the market will Tonale, and later – a new model with electric propulsion.

The correct move?

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