Alfa Romeo will introduce a mysterious model at the day of his 100th birthday

Alfa Romeo will introduce a mysterious model at the day of his 100th birthday


Its anniversary the brand will celebrate on June 24. The celebration will feature a new model, all the information which is kept secret.

That on the day of its 100-year anniversary of Alfa Romeo is going to present a mysterious Antonovich, reports Motori Online. According to them, 24 Jun brand presents either a small crossover B-segment, based on the platform of the PSA or the sport tour. According to the production plan of the automaker, which publishes foreign media reports, the brand wants to replenish its model range crossover, whose appearance is scheduled for 2022.

To GT experts are skeptical, while in the summer of 2018, Alfa Romeo were told immediately about the two future hybrids under iconic names 8C and GTV. However, after this five-year plan was revised. From sports models of the company refused for financial reasons, planning to bid on more popular cars.


The new SUV will be smaller than the same coming Stelvio and Tonale.

If the novelty will receive a “trolley” PSA, as the report says, she has much to borrow from the new Peugeot 2008. Recall, this model is fitted with a 1.2-litre three-cylinder engine, outstanding 100, 130 and 155 HP and a-liter-diesel with a capacity of 100 and 130 BHP it Has electric modification with the 136-strong installation and “dalnegorskiy” to 312 miles. How to react to the manufacturer for information on the emergence of a new model, time will tell. It will be either a denial or the first teaser.

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