“Alive and green”: the rumors about the new VW Beetle

“Alive and green”: the rumors about the new VW Beetle


Wednesday, July 29, the German auto giant Volkswagen has applied for registration of a new trademark with the name “e-Beetle”. Immediately after the appeal to the intellectual property Office of the EU there were rumors about the revival of the legendary “Beetle”, but with an electric motor. On the one hand this looks weird, because the electric model of Volkswagen will be produced under the new brand ID and even the electric Golf will soon be history.

On the other hand, the emergence of an electric Volkswagen Beetle looks fantastic. First, in the line ID no cars similar to Beetle. Secondly, over the years the model has got a lot of loyal fans who will welcome the advent of new technologically advanced version. Recall that officially said goodbye to Volkswagen Beetle a year ago, when the factory came last sample of the model having an 80-year history.


According to the publication “AutoCar”, the new Volkswagen e-Beetle can get a platform MEB, which was developed specifically for electric cars.

In this case, the Assembly may be engaged in the enterprise of the Volkswagen Group Components, developing and producing battery electric cars.

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