All by itself: Mercedes plans for the production of electric motors

All by itself: Mercedes plans for the production of electric motors


Starting in 2024, the German brand will manufacture its own powertrains for its own electric vehicles. In 2024, the company will introduce a new generation of electric vehicles.

By showing the EQXX electric vehicle concept, the German automaker has shown what it can do in terms of the energy efficiency of electric vehicles. The vehicle featured also gave a glimpse into the future of the company, which wants to significantly improve its role in the electric vehicle industry. Mercedes wants to produce engines for its new generation of electric vehicles in-house.

The overseas publication reports that the future electrical platforms MMNA and MNB.EA will be developed in-house and will rely on installations.

Simply put, Mercedes wants to achieve at least the same level of in-house production as it currently does with its own internal combustion engines.

“We want to control the overall system of the electric motor, battery and power electronics as much as possible, just like with an internal combustion engine,” said Markus Schaefer, Head of Development at Daimler. “So far, the electrical powertrains have come from external partners.

The move will require a huge investment in Daimler’s production sites, although it is likely to guarantee jobs for many people who were worried about the potential job loss from ditching internal combustion engines. For example, Mercedes will manufacture axial flow electric motors in Berlin, while its Untertürkheim plant will be responsible for radial electric motors for small vehicles.

“We will certainly have to discuss a global expansion of capacity for electric powertrains, because we are accelerating significantly in the field of electromobility, and by 2025, half of our vehicles will already be on the market exclusively for electric or plug-in hybrids,” added Schaefer.

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