All-electric Renault Twingo ZE will appear in 2020

All-electric Renault Twingo ZE will appear in 2020


Renault is preparing a fully electric version of its small hatchback Renault Twingo ZE. The novelty will appear later this year.

More specifically, on the European market new electric car will be released by the end of this year. But his debut, according to the British Auto Express, can be held at the March Geneva motor show.

Given the fact that the electric Renault Twingo is a city car, its price is expected to be small. But what exactly the money will go it is hard to say.


Technical characteristics of Renault Twingo ZE. while not disclosed by the manufacturer, but we know that it will be built on the chassis of other small electric cars – Smart Forfour EQ. In this case, we can assume that the “Frenchman” will receive from “German” and stuffing: electric motor with 80 HP, the battery is 17.6 kWh and the charging capacity of 22 kW. Smart with such aggregates have the following characteristics:

  • the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h: 12 sec;
  • maximum speed: 130 km/h;
  • power reserve: 145 km;
  • fast-charge time to 80%: less than 40 min.

Also Renault Twingo ZE. will provide likely company’s mobile app, which will allow the owner to remotely monitor the vital signs of the car (charging percentage, etc.).

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