All the Important Cars from the Tokyo Motor Show

All the Important Cars from the Tokyo Motor Show


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minna-san ohayo-gozaimasu welcome to the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show where the excitement is high and the jet lag is quite strong I’ve just got off a 12-hour flight so I’ll start slurring my words I haven’t been on the asahi’s I promise and we start here on the Suzuki stand our first dose of oddness and the the theme this year for Suzuki is something called Waku Waku switch no idea what it means but isn’t that delightful II Japanese and the result is this car over here it’s called the wacko SPO it’s basically a tiny plug-in hybrid coupe a you’ll see the back actually pops out turning it into a shooting break at the touch of a button it’s all very cool I’m getting flavors of the Honda urban Eevee from it with all its retro touches absolutely love it might be my favorite car of the show and who knows Honda has put the urban Eevee into production if we shout loud enough maybe they’d do the same with this and come over here because it’s got a sister car there’s more wacky wacky to come this one is called the hanar a concept now it’s a vision of what cars are going to look like when the driver is no longer needed essentially it’s a room on four wheels a pod that sounds very uninteresting doesn’t it but somehow Suzuki you’ve managed to make it interesting by putting this wraparound retro body on it having said that this is the future of driving just shoot me now yes look at this oh the every go anywhere baby room in collaboration with combi snappy title there for a car and as a father of two this is pretty much my dream wheels it’s a car that’s been designed entirely for parents so you notice blinds absolutely everywhere for discreet feeding back look at this twin changing stations and of course with a healthy dose of Japanese technology thrown in so that box I’m told is for warming the bum wipes those are is for cleaning the bums there’s music there’s a moving Mobile’s up here oh yes this is a bit of me this car I might actually look into important one of these there was a time when I was cool you know steady on don’t get too excited it’s the new Honda Jazz or the Honda Fit as they call it in Japan a car beloved by Oh a peas everywhere this is the fourth generation car it’s going to be hybrid only in Europe and well it is quite a significant car they think they’re gonna sell 20,000 of these a year in the UK alone well the population is getting older isn’t it and I think that’s all I can tell you about this before I fall asleep standing up I’ll be honest I haven’t got a clue what’s going on here I can only assume this is aimed at the motorcyclist who doesn’t like getting where or the car driver who’s sick and tired of getting wedged in width restrictors either way I like its ambition somewhere in the corner of a Japanese man’s brain this makes perfect sense well that’s very pretty isn’t it but this is what we’re here to see the Nissan Aria concept nothing to do with Game of Thrones I’m told it is in fact surprise surprise another all-electric SUV concept but this one previews the next version of Nissan’s design language so the next face of the x-trail and the new cash Kai and it debuts quite an interesting piece of technology something called Pro pilot 2.0 basically arrival to Tesla’s autopilot system it can drive for you on motorways when there’s defined lane markings either side but unlike the Tesla we have to keep your hand on the wheel to let it know that you’re there this actually uses cameras to monitor you so it can tell whether you’ve fallen asleep or if you get an iPad strapped to your face okay the Mitsubishi M itec concept it was quite interesting doesn’t it it’s quite interesting in fact because underneath that beach buggy meets transformers exterior is a plug-in hybrid powertrain and not any plug-in hybrid powertrain because the range extender isn’t a petrol engine that’s too heavy this is a gas turbine it’s not only lighter it can also run on a variety of fuels as well so diesel kerosene alcohol I wouldn’t recommend putting Jagermeister in the tank it’s got four electric motors one for each wheel and the party trick I’m told is that it can spin on the spot no idea whether that’s useful or not but there we go try and think of the last time I saw an open-top two-seater SUV and I think I’ve got it it’s the Suzuki x90 look it up terrible car do you know that Alpina is massive in Japan I didn’t either but they’re people of good taste because look at this the new b3 saloon and it is absolutely spot-on we saw the wagon version of this in Frankfurt but here is the saloon here’s the one you want you might have seen some leaked pictures of the rear end of the new bmw m3 online recently if you can’t wait for that this is the car you want four-wheel drive 463 horsepower from a reworked 3 litre straight-six twin-turbo it will do 188 miles man do not 60 in 3.8 seconds and just look at it classic multi spoke wheels body kit quad exhausts oh yes please say hello to the new Lexus design language this is the LF 30 concept and it’s quite bold isn’t it what is it it’s an electric car show that Lexus and Toyota are serious about joining the evie race it’s shorter than a Range Rover about the same height as an AI pace it’s kind of got bits of shooting-brake bits of hatchback bits of crossover in it doesn’t really conform to any one type of genre it’s got got wing doors it’s got a steering wheel that retracts in autonomous mode but forget all that that’s just motor Shogun this is a statement of intent from the biggest car company in the world this is definitely one of the biggest debuts at the Tokyo Motor Show and the reason being that it is relevant for us back in the UK they’re gonna sell this car from 2021 back in the UK from around 30 grand what is it it’s masters first electric car and you’ve probably got a bit overexcited when you saw the fact that it was called the MX 30 maybe imagining a two-seater electric sports car but alas it is another electric SUV but this one there’s just enough difference in there to give it a different flavor and I’ll tell you why first of all master hasn’t given it an enormous battery they haven’t bothered messing around giving it a 300 mile range because that’s what customers think they want but master says they don’t really this will do 130 miles on a charge doesn’t sound like much but most people only use 30 miles a day 35 kilowatt hour battery and the exciting bit is the fact that it’s got rear hinge rear doors just like the rx-8 could be quite handy when it comes to post your kids in the back and here’s the big news as well this car is gonna see the return of the rotary engine two masters line up not as a primary power source but as a range extender in a hybrid version that’s gonna follow you can always trust master to do things a little bit differently anyone but I think this super might not be entirely standard few cheeky mods here full engine swap to a Toyota v8 you can see the turbo screamer pipe popping out upon it at the top there two body alterations and a full conversion to a competition spec drift car imagine the turning circle on that come around the corner we came to see how cool is this the creamer 9:35 obviously built in the late 70s around the same time as the ninety five seven eight the moby-dick from Porsche sports wouldn’t sell Moby Dick’s to privateers so Kramer went out and rift on the big whale tail made its own version essentially and arguably it’s even a better looking car especially in this jägermeister livery you can keep your martini one of these so we’ve headed upstairs a bit more off the beaten track to bring you some more oddball Tokyo Motor Show and as luck would have it doesn’t get a lot hotter than this this is the Mitsuoka Orochi probably pronounce that pretty well what is it it’s without doubt the ugliest supercar that’s ever been made and ironically the supercar with the friendliest place that’s ever been making sure it’s smiling at us anyway this car actually starts life as a last generation NSX it’s got a Toyota v6 in the back how on earth could have they got it so wrong this model in fact has been lightly molested by Liberty walk so it’s been slammed it’s got the wider Arts has actually improved things a little bit could this be a case of a car that’s so bad it actually becomes good leave that question hanging in the air believe it or not we actually had to get a train to the other half of the motor which is fine the only problem is I have to deal with this and I don’t speak Japanese but I’m gonna give it a go get involved here look there’s an English button at my help purchase tickets Iommi think boom easy as that wrong but you didn’t think trucks could be sexy did you yeah well Zuzu is quite literally giving me a semi with this it’s new concept truck now at first glance you probably think this is arrival to Tesla’s all-electric semi but it’s not there’s a diesel engine back there because the Zuzu still thinks at this size and weight a diesel engine makes most sense the idea with this concept is aerodynamics has been treated some proper supercar style add-ons to smooth the airflow like these air curtains you can see in the front and these kind of floating pods down the side of the truck so it cuts more cleanly through the air it uses less fuel yeah I think I’ll file this one under least likely want at the Tokyo show just quick reminder here that depends who GT championship probably is the coolest race Series in the world and to make motors hook more interesting all you need is a car that you can buy in the showrooms treat it to a heavy course of steroids unpack here what we have here is some sort of GoPro sponsored short range electric delivery vehicle first things first look at the face that has to be the angriest car in the world what are you so angry with me and secondly down here efficient the word delivery in English that spelt it in a Japanese accent either that’s a howling mistake or a very very complex trope that I don’t quite get very odd thing about dogs is they’re great in all but I do tend to drool on your sofa and then crap all over your gun but Daihatsu has the solution for this the Robo dog of the future no more and keeping the nose up no more stealing your sausages just a perfectly behaved pet is a good boy – you’re a good boy yoshua Wow how bad is it it’s their daihatsu copen gr support basically see we need two-seat roadster that’s now been toughened up with forged BBS wheels and some sport seats and a bit of a body kit but it still got 63 horsepower from 660 CC engine I mean it’s but I still want one it’s basically Barbie C alright then first things first Twitter has brought along a brand new sports car to the Tokyo Motor Show called eraser and it looks very they’ve thought this one through because it is supposedly semi-autonomous right because toyota says Akio Toyoda must be company says the fun doesn’t have to stop when the driver isn’t required well how are you supposed to have fun it’s only semi-autonomous so the idea is the car is both to work with the human to learn its traits to form a bond and a relationship with the driver a bit like a horse and a human does as I said I don’t think they thought this one through but hey looks good and the public a killing around the block to take a picture with this car so how’s this for a naughty little u-turn you’ll probably remember the original Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car was quite a horrible looking front-wheel drive saloon thing and have nowhere it’s turned into this low wider longer now wheel drive we didn’t see this one coming by the way no mention of figures either other than this car is 30% more efficient than the first gen Mirai to extrapolate that out and that means about 440 miles on the tank of hydrogen which is more than any pure Eevee car you can buy at the moment I’ll tell you what if I can actually fill this thing up anywhere and have one of these and on that note that’s it that’s us finished for the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show sayonara I’m off for a Kip and then to eat my own body weight in sushi

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