All vehicles of the government of great Britain should be electric by 2030

All vehicles of the government of great Britain should be electric by 2030

The Minister of transport of the UK Chris Grayling announced the government’s plans for switchover to car parks with ultra-low emissions within the next decade. The government car service is on track to achieve the goals, and electric vehicles account for nearly 23% of the Park.

However, this obligation is not performed deep enough, and the Minister of transport has appealed to all government departments urged to implement plans to transition to a fleet of electric vehicles over the next ten years. Grayling also asked all government departments to publish an annual report on the work done.

The basis of the plan is last year’s strategy “Road to zero” (eng. “Road to Zero”), which requires all Central government vehicles were electric by 2030. As an interim goal a quarter of the Park should consist of electric vehicles by 2022.

According to the Minister of transport, government service vehicles under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of transport, is on track to achieve its goals: almost 23% of the Park now comprise electric vehicles.

Strategy “Road to zero”, published in July last year, also affects the public. A ban on the sale of vehicles with an internal combustion engine by 2040, will act, however, now there is a new medium-term goal, since the strategy “Road to zero”, it was stated that by the year 2032 half of all new registered cars and 40% of new vans in the UK must be classified as vehicle with ultra low emissions (electric cars, plug-in hybrids). Attempt to move forward in the pursuit of zero emissions for ten years still did not succeed.

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