All Volvo SUVs armored steel

All Volvo SUVs armored steel


All crossovers, Volvo now have an armored variant: the range was expanded by XC40 and XC60. Before bulletproof was only XC90.

Armored versions designed in conjunction with Brazilian firm Carbon Blindados, which deals with the protection of a variety of vehicles (from MINI to Porsche). For crossovers used high-strength steel of thickness 2.5-3 mm and Kevlar, and the thickness of the glass in this case is 20 millimeters.

Protection class crossovers, the Volvo is not disclosed, however the company States that the superstructure of the bodywork, they do not mix. Also unchanged were all powertrains, suspension and brakes.

The gain in the crossover were subjected to the hinges and Windows. One of the main changes is the replacement of part of the door glass, which became thicker and stronger than the original.


First armored versions created for Brazil – the country where street crime is prevalent. Residents of disadvantaged areas favelas are increasingly attacking machine. Therefore, car owners want to have the protection that would be able to withstand the blow with brass knuckles or a pistol shot.

Booking new crossovers will carry out in stages. The standard car will come from Europe and China in nedoromynam appearance, but in Brazil, they will transform into armored cars. To sell “enhanced” plan is through the official dealer network of Volvo.


The difference in price relative to the original cars – about 15 thousand dollars. If reinforced crossovers will be in demand, the Swedes may consider a similar reservation of sedans and wagons.

The first armored car in the lineup of Volvo appeared last summer. Crossover XC90, which received the protection class VR8 standard VPAM, was created jointly with the German company Trasco Bremen.

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