Almost “seven”: another restyling of the Chery Tiggo 4


In the Network appeared pictures of the interior of the updated compact SUV Chery. Inside the changes were more than the outside.

In China, the Chery cross was launched at the end of 2017, there is a model called the Tiggo 5x, while in other countries it is known under the name Tiggo 4. In the domestic market demand for the SUV was sluggish, therefore, in the fall of 2018 he redrew the front part. The queue for Tiggo 5x after that, not lined up, but last year the cross still finished in positive territory: in China sold 60 245 units, which is 11% more than in 2018. And soon the Chinese will offer a second time an updated model. The appearance of such Tiggo 5x opened in March, photos of cars made in the local database of the Ministry of industry. Now, on the forum of the edition Autohome has pictures of the interior.

Outside Tiggo Tiggo 5x emulates 7 of the second generation. So, compact cross got a similar grille with the “touches” and double led strips daytime running lights but headlights and taillights is not touched. Inside the resemblance to “seven” is much stronger (and at the same time, and Tiggo 8, because the flagship SUV there is a version with similar design of interior): the youngest acquired the same front panel, steering wheel, virtual “tidy” and a multimedia system with “floating” touchscreen, still were uncommitted, the selector box. Control unit “climate” also seems to have a touch, like Tiggo 7, except that washer-style models Jaguar Land Rover the SUV Tiggo 5x lacking.


In documents of the Chinese Ministry of industry for the upgraded crossover claimed the old motors – “aspirated” SQRE4G15C 1.5 and 1.5 turbulence SQRE4T15C capacity 116 and 156 HP respectively. From the pre-reform Tiggo 5x base engine combined with a five-speed “mechanics” or CVT, and the “turboservice” is paired with a six-speed robotized transmission with two clutches (DCT6). Drive – only the front.

On the home market, the redesigned crossover will probably be released before the end of this year. It is not excluded that the pre-reform model thus remains in the ranks. Then upgrade the cross, most likely, will assign any prefix (by the way, in China a new version of cars is now fashionable to identify as Pro).

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