Almost X-Trail: started selling the “budget” analog Nissan


New compact SUV Venucia Star is a joint development of Nissan and Dongfeng.

Thursday, April 23, began selling crossover Star Venucia, which is largely similar to the popular Nissan X-Trail. However, the car of China was more budget. Starting today, you can pre-order on the car, and the first copies will reach customers in may of this year.

Crossover built on the platform of VSA, which was created by Nissan experts for the Chinese brand. Its main feature is the ability to use hybrid motors and all-wheel drive system. Dimensions Venucia Star is 4691х1905х1706 mm with a wheelbase of 2 mm. 756 Many technical solutions have also been borrowed and Nissan.

As the power plant uses a mild hybrid – it consists of a 1.5-liter turbo engine with 190 HP recoil and battery at 48 Volts.


Due to the starter-generator, the car has excellent dynamics when starting and when braking it helps to store electric energy. In tandem with the power plant will operate 7-band “robot”. The developers have equipped the cabin Venucia Star large displays – virtual “tidy” will receive a 12.3-inch screen, and the vertical tablet multimedia complex has a diagonal of 15.6 inches.

Care and comfort of the passengers in the front and is retractable footrest, and the rear seat can be expanded to “supine” position. For such a rich technical equipment of the car was pretty budget – for starting equipment dealers ask for 110,000 yuan ($15 500). While the Nissan X-Trail will cost at least 188 800 yuan ($26 600).

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