Alpha Ace: Mimirish Electocar from Solar California

Alpha Ace: Mimirish Electocar from Solar California


The electric car from the American company Alpha Motor Corporation is based on a patented modular architecture.

Alpha Ace – a two-door electric car, whose length is just over 4.1 meters. The name of the novelty translates as “ace”, and the card theme continues in the exterior: on the wings of the rear-wheel-drive coupe there are “spades”icons.

The electric car can accommodate a driver and only one passenger, but there is a place for luggage (396 liters). Up to a hundred new coupe will accelerate in six seconds, and without recharging will travel a little more than 400 kilometers.

The proportions and shapes of the coupe are very original: it has the elegance of a coupe, the elegance of a sedan, and the brutality of a crossover.

The interior of the car is decorated very austerely: there is no riot of shapes, materials and textures. The interior is modern, minimalistic and technologically advanced. The manufacturer took the center stage to a large multimedia touchscreen.

Alpha Motor Corporation was first mentioned in November, when the young brand shared its plans for the future. The startup is going to create a rich model line of electric cars for a wide variety of categories of customers-from families to businessmen.

The first-born brand will debut at the beginning of next year, but the start of production will have to wait until 2023. Recall that in the first days of December, a teaser of the Icon EUV minivan was released.

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