Alpina B3 (G20): why isn’t it a BMW!

Alpina B3 (G20): why isn’t it a BMW!


In preparation for the big test of the Alpina XB7 crossover, we went to Germany to see with our own eyes how Alpina cars differ from BMW at the headquarters of the brand.

And we could not resist filming for you a short test drive of the Alpina B3 – a sedan built on the basis of the BMW 3 Series and, unfortunately, not very relevant for our market. We chose it because this car is special. And not so much because of the Alpina nameplates inside, but because of the engine. After all, the Alpina B3 got the M-engine even before the BMW M3 and M4 got it!

You will learn about all this, as well as about the history of Alpina and the philosophy of this company from the video. Happy viewing!

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