Alpina doesn’t want to tune front-wheel-drive BMW models

Alpina doesn’t want to tune front-wheel-drive BMW models


Experts of the Bavarian company Alpina for over half a century engaged in the completion of the serial cars of BMW. It is now known that front-wheel drive BMW models do not represent for them any interest.


The head of Alpina, Andreas Bovensiepen at the presentation in Australia B5 Touring told reporters Motoring that the company is not interested in creating a “pumped-up” versions of front-drive BMW models. Recall, the new UKL architecture with a transverse engine and front-wheel drive debuted in the 2014 Mini hatchback. Later it formed the basis of the younger models BMW: 2-Series Active Tourer and Gran Tourer, crossovers X1 and X2. In may introduced the family of BMW 1-Series third generation (F40), which also translated into front-wheel drive platform.

According to Mr. Bovensiepen, completion of such cars for Alpina financially pointless. As the transmission in these models is standard for the BMW ZF box used Japanese Aisin, and the motors have 3 or 4 cylinders. Alpina is usually the case with the inline “sixes” or V8.

Development costs of new units would be very high, and to make a profit in a low-end segment is significantly more difficult. So Alpina will continue to adhere to best practices revision rear-wheel drive BMW, which still was for the company extremely successful.

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