Alpina is preparing an alternative to the X7 M

Alpina is preparing an alternative to the X7 M


Virtual debut in the Network “charged” crossover Alpina XB7 on may 19, the company said Buchloe. As is clear from the index, the basis for the new items taken petrol version of “x-seventh”. Rather, it is the top variant of the BMW X7 M50i. In the factory version it is equipped with a 4.4 Turbomachinery with dedication to 530 HP and 750 Nm, which allows the machine to gain a hundred from zero in 4.7 s. Returns the version of the Alpina can be predicted by looking at the sedan Alpina B7. It harnessed 608 “horses” (torque reaches 800 Nm).

These are the test shots Alpina XB7 filmed on the Nurburgring last fall. Please note: in the video flash two prototypes with different exhaust pipes (four of a trapezoidal round or two).


The creation of such a version, but the diesel, that is Alpina XD7 based on the X7 M50d (3.0, 400 HP, 760 Nm), remains in question. Last year, the General Director of Alpina’s Andreas Bovensiepen said that the X7 is an excellent choice for the US market, although he refused to directly confirm the release of new products there. If the company really lays special hopes on North America, the emergence of the petrol version Alpina X7 first logical. We will add that in the nearest plans of Alpina – redrawing Gran Coupe eighth series. In the more distant future the planned development of hybrids, Plug-in type, while moderate already added to the directory.

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