Alpina will release the “charged” BMW X7

Alpina will release the “charged” BMW X7

The model range of the company Alpina in the near future can be expanded with a crossover on the flagship BMW X7.

CEO of German carmaker Andreas Bovensiepen said that the SUV could be part of the future portfolio of the brand. This leaves unclear the question of creating a 460-horsepower version of the electric cars BMW i8, which BMW said a firm “no”.

“We think about how to build X7 in the future, but not now, because BMW has a very high demand for it, and at the present time the conveyor operates at the limit,” said Bovensiepen.

He explained that in creating a new model first takes into account the loading of the enterprise, because BMW produces every instance of Alpina on the same Assembly line as the main model. BMW has not yet commented on the possibility of Assembly at the factory of the new Alpina X7, but it is expected that the model we won’t see until 2020.

Note that Alpina in the past there were many interesting projects which did not volatilise in life. So, the company has created the 460-horsepower version of the BMW i8, which joined in the MINI Cooper series of cars Alpina have not received the production version. In the early 2000-ies, after BMW relaunched the MINI brand, Alpina decided to add to its range of hatchback as an entry level model. He again built and tested a prototype, but to turn it into a production model has been difficult, expensive, and extremely long.

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