Alpina XB7 defend the honor of BMW against GLS 63 AMG

Alpina XB7 defend the honor of BMW against GLS 63 AMG


Atelier Alpina has got a very powerful crossover. This is the answer to the question that was asked by many, but ignored in the sports division of the Bavarian brand.

XB7 is in a hierarchy above the 530-strong M50i. Its 4.4-litre “Turbomachinery” produces 620 HP and 800 Nm – 90 HP and 50 Nm more than the stock model. Because of this the SUV on a standard 21-inch aftermarket wheels develops 97 km/h in exactly four seconds. Depending on tire selection maximum speed can reach 290 km/h.


Dragovol the distance of a quarter mile Alpina XB7 rides for 12.6 seconds. If you think that it’s not fast enough, remember that we are talking about machine weight in kg. 2658 thus been refining and eight-speed automatic and all-wheel drive system. Polnopravnym chassis included in the basic package.

Alpina XB7 will be available with six – and seven-seat interior. In the US the prices range from 141 $ 300 first customers will receive their cars in September.

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