Alpine A110 vs Monte Carlo rally stage

Alpine A110 vs Monte Carlo rally stage


We wanted to do more than just drive the Alpine A110 so we took it somewhere that resonated with the brand and what it’s trying to achieve. Magazine’s Ollie Marriage takes it to some of the tightest, most twisting roads to be found! Chris Harris Drives: Car Walkarounds: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. Make sure you’re subscribed to the official YouTube channel:

to make it easier if you grow each other’s ass all day you can be sure the place you academia jenandbatton joy sham little sister’s making the more so keep it to the audience’s over here don’t know anymore but apostle income 45 years ago the original Alpine a110 won the Monte Carlo Rally here’s the new Alpena 110 there’s my iconic rally stages then we ought to start with the Col de Turini there are a lot of good roads between here and the Col de Turini though so these are the roads that forged the out pink reputation and you can see exactly why it’s designed like it is these roads at time then narrow their twisting they are hopelessly put there are so many bent you never stop turning the steering wheel now before we came out here to do this I spoke to a chap called jean-claude and Roy who was the winner of the 1973 Monte Carlo Rally and I asked him you know what made the original Alpena 110 such a good rally car and he said it’s simple we were never as powerful as the escorts we had eighty a hundred horsepower less than the escorts but we were light and we were nimble and he said that was what really made the difference it’s what forged the album’s reputation and what they’ve tried to recapture with the new one so you can hear the exhaust on the overrun is all burbles and chatters away when you have it in sport mode they stop quite endearing really it’s not the most charismatic engine in the world if I’m honest however it’s not quite as pantomime use the Porsche Caymans is and the Porsche Caymans for me does cheapen the whole experience because they’ve sort of whacked up the volume to try and make up for any lack of cylinders basically but it’s just a really joyful car to drive the album it’s more of a chassis car than an engine car the engines good actually and responsive and fast because I’m gonna move much weight but you’re still thinking we’re out yeah it does the job but really what I’m really excited by is just how efficiently effectively and enjoyably it gets around corners meant to be driving by do get a bit distracted by what’s going on outside the windows lightness has always been central to the Albion philosophy the new a 110 weighs only 1,100 kilos quarter of a ton less than a Porsche Cayman it’s almost entirely aluminium chassis bodywork and double wishbone suspension the engine is in the middle it’s a turbocharged four-cylinder 1.8 with 259 horsepower it drives the rear wheels via a twin clutch gearbox and with little weight involved nought to sixty two takes just 4.5 seconds so unfashionably it doesn’t use adaptive dampers just passive SAR no switching between softer and harder and so on it’s really good they’ve done a really nice job of leveling it out so it’s it feels sporty yet has the ability to glide and yet on rough surfaces it’s uncanny where harder tougher wider tired cars would get sort of jiggled and bounced around quite ferociously this just feels very mellow it’s really nice it’s sort of it’s uncanny in its ability to sort of just glide over difficult roads so the downside of that is that occasionally on rough roads the ALP in because it’s like it so bobbled around by the road surface a bit but the faster you code the smoother it gets and we’re going to use so many cliches but it is and I am going to use this cliched lotus-like and it’s a in the way it changes direction and the way it feels as it goes down a road now being honest I would like a bit more steering bite and feel it’s not a massive thing because the chassis is so so good but when you turn into corners I just like it to be a little bit sharp and I know why Renault hasn’t been able to do it or hasn’t done it a because it would have made it ultra it’s all too aggressive more aggressive than they wanted it to feel and also it would be more difficult to engineer with the softness they’ve got on the springs but it’s when you come up to hair pins and you turn it in and it just glides around them there’s no real sense of inertia to it it’s a very beguiling car it’s not it’s adult difficult car to get your head round because it’s not a traditional sports car it’s not like the Cayman or the Audi TT this is something different something different than something really quite pleasant pleasant that’s an awful word to use it’s not pleasant it’s mega actually so we have come up round countless hairpins we are at the Col de Turini this is the famous crossroads where you see all the rally cars come lapping through but it is not the top of the mountain so we are going to carry on going higher so we wanted to get the alpide to the top of the mountain and the snows got too deep and we haven’t quite managed it but look up look what it’s come through it’s this is deep snow it’s done a terrific job it’s night it’s nimble it’s really agile it feels different to other sports cars and it’s done a great great job today you

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